New Releases Tagged "history"

Hue 1968: A Turning Point of the American War in Vietnam
I Was Told to Come Alone: My Journey Behind the Lines of Jihad
The One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone
American Eclipse: A Nation's Epic Race to Catch the Shadow of the Moon and Win the Glory of the World
The Best Land Under Heaven: The Donner Party in the Age of Manifest Destiny
Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America
The Secret History of Jane Eyre: How Charlotte Brontë Wrote Her Masterpiece
The Retreat of Western Liberalism
The Prisoner in His Palace: Saddam Hussein, His American Guards, and What History Leaves Unsaid
The Ends of the World: Supervolcanoes, Lethal Oceans, and the Search for Past Apocalypses
Be Free or Die: The Amazing Story of Robert Smalls' Escape from Slavery to Union Hero
We Crossed a Bridge and It Trembled: Voices from Syria
The Revolution of Robert Kennedy
The Seeds of Life: From Aristotle to da Vinci, from Sharks' Teeth to Frogs' Pants, the Long and Strange Quest to Discover Where Babies Come From
Grown-Up Anger: The Connected Mysteries of Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, and the Calumet Massacre of 1913
Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis
Beneath a Scarlet Sky
The Underground Railroad
Lilac Girls
Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI