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My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness
Bitch Planet, Vol. 2: President Bitch
The Refrigerator Monologues
The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 5: Imperial Phase I
Justice League vs. Suicide Squad
Giant Days Vol. 5 (Giant Days, #5)
New Super-Man, Volume 1: Made in China (New Super-man Rebirth, #1)
Hawkeye: Kate Bishop, Vol. 1: Anchor Points
Teen Titans, Volume 1: Damian Knows Best
The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars Part One (Turf Wars #1)
Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye, Vol. 1: Going Underground
Trinity, Volume 1: Better Together
Batman Beyond, Volume 1: Escaping the Grave
Harley Quinn, Volume 2: Joker Loves Harley
Saga, Vol. 1 (Saga, #1)
Saga, Vol. 2 (Saga, #2)
Everyone's a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn Too: A Book
Paper Girls, Vol. 1
Saga, Vol. 3 (Saga, #3)